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what happened to claire on lost season 1

what happened to claire on lost season 1

They removed the detonator from it and set it of in the hole. I just spoke with the producers. Also, I did not catch the anagram of Other Man, for Ethan Rom, and I like that. We hope not. 87. 50. 4 Answers. All they have done is create new questions. 93. Why did she order the cabin to be burned, and how much does she really know about the island? ("The Substitute") ("LA X"), 9. Why is the Man In Black "stuck" in the form of John Locke when he's not Smokey, according to Ilana? ("The Substitute") Does anyone remember the Dallas series where Bobby's death was all a dream??? It's the dentist Bernard & Rose couple, they're off living by themselves and refusing to get involved, living in the cave & on the beach, etc. I started watching Lost during the later season, and now I'm watching it from Season 1. My new theory is the island is the site of Armageddon, the final battle between good and evil that ends the world. This is also how Ethan can be Claire's doctor – he probably never made it to the island. So why read anything about a show you say you don't watch? Helen – if you think the show is stupid, and you stopped watching it, then why read articles about it? Why did the Temple Others freak when they learn Jacob's was dead? Think of it like the time when Jin was having was delivering the stuffed animal to the hospital when Sun was having her baby. Well, they are best buds now, so we're thinking ... yes. He writes that she never gets to the island in the version of the story where the plane lands safely in LA and the crash never happens. Those are unrealistic, but were watched. In the Sideverse, Charlie was saved by Jack after nearly choking to death on the plane. So he did have a seat. How did the Sideverse island end up under water? !king sucks! 60. Who is Henry Gale really, and who buried him? When Miles does his psychic thing in the Lostverse and tells Sawyer that Dead Juliet was trying to tell him "It worked," how did she know it worked? We each have our theories. Born on the island, brought off the island, STILL not back on the island. they never do this again to a TV show because it's No word yet on how cursed Hurley is in the Lostverse. This "claiming" appears to be connected to the MIB's loophole: my guess, Jacob and MIB can only be killed by someone they have claimed claimed. I do believe the writers and producers have just begun to throw crap plots out there just to milk this show till there's nothing left.... all in the name of profit. He also has to follow "the rules." The named this show the right name "LOST" I find it never ending & on & on & on Shame nothing better is on in this time slot ! Saucy, I think you've made the most sense so far: In the flash-sideways, Claire was on the plane; we just didn't see her. Why do they care? .". Otherwise, stick to the news (some may believe that this is unrealistic and made up too though). Will the Smoke Monster get a chance to live happily ever after? Someone bad." Actually we will get a happy ending and a sad ending in the same Show, Don't know who, but we're thinking it's bad. Religion was the first form of explaining the universe. But I thought I remembered someone saying in one of the later seasons that they were really behind the kidnapping. I'll tune in next week, of course, though. Then Jin said he lied to stop her from killing the Other and that Aaron really was being held at the Temple by the Others. I am thinking these people are living lives over and over again as though they are in a loop that never ends. Desmond was on the plane not by flash (said he had a seat elsewhere but wanted some room). It's fine if some people don't like to be challenged when they just want some escape time with the boob tube, hell, I am like that too at times. Jacob tells Hurley that someone bad is going to the Temple. LOST is all about the journey, not each step along the way. We all want explanations so we make up stories like God did "this" or gravity does "that". And they could keep this show going for a while, but what would be the point? I know the religous references are hard to ignore, but I still do not think they are in Purgatory. Ok, so the pieces are coming together. ("What Kate Does") Claire told Jin she has been living in the woods since she went missing and that she was captured, tortured and branded by the Others. 54. Lost is one of the few shows I watch regularly. Don't you see that the alternate timeline is actually what happens when they really do leave the island after they have done whatever is they are going to do for the island? If the Numbers are actually a locator for tagging candidates, why do they come up so many other places? He is one of my favorite characters though. The shadowdance, it never ends... If you don't like the show, just *don't watch it*. ("The Substitute") What does the man in black or smoke have against Richard? It is a great subject matter that could have countless amounts of outcomes over and over again. What fun. 6. Finding Charles Widmore, the leader of the "Hostiles" welcomed him into the tight-knit group as long as he gave t… What's up with the Temple? There are a bunch of theories out there about what happened to Claire. Pretty old, since he seemed to be around when the Black Rock was sailing. I think the parallel timeline is an unstable tangent universe that isnt sustainable. THIS IS NOT NEWS. Too many loose ends to tie up, too many characters, too much to explain. Here's hoping they recover and drive the story forward. Perhaps they will take back with them some vital knowledge or mission for the rest of us, but that may be going too far. She was picked up by a cab at the airport (which was subsequently hijacked by Kate). The writer doesn't say that Claire never got on the plane. Having to read all the "put downs" just reinforces my belief that some people arent happy unless they are being negative about something. Who created the wheel that turns the island? He wasn't actually a passenger on the plane!!! Island sinks under water! And that is why she is with her dead father? The Valenzetti Equation (source of the numbers) confirms the end of humanity within the next 27 years with 100% certainty. I liked that fact that Sawyer had a tender moment. If so much is at stake what on earth is being gained by being so cryptic about everything. – Black cloud (bad) – Bad, fallen angel 82. ("Lighthouse") It is now so bad that I can't stand to watch it. As far as I know, Jack is the only one of the survivors who knows Claire is his half-sister...I don't think even Claire knows. OK. "And what about the version of Claire who never got on the plane? What happened to Claire? I had forgotten that Desmond was on the plane! ("LA X") She saved Jin, captured an Other and demanded to know where her son was. ("LA X") While we're still in a fog regarding the good and evil of it all, Tuesday's episode offered up 10 more new questions and one big answer. ("What Kate Did") Ghost Jacob tells Hurley that he had to get them (Jack and Hurley) away from the Temple because "Someone's coming there. the only thing man in black wants is to go home (as he said through locke) but where/ what is home?! It's not some kind of dumb Sunday school lesson. But I'd place bets that Jacob is the 'good' one if there is one. Maybe it is what they can accomplish in terms of redemption back in civilization that determines their ultimate fate on the island. Not referencing a that it actually happened, but the probability that she didn't get on the plane. We still don't know if Jacob is good or bad. I'm not hung up on the plot nor the characters. They went back in time to fix it so that the crash never happened in the first place after the six left the island. 72. Point being, this is TV and just like books, require the imagination and intelligence of writers. the show is Lost Can someone tell me their take on exactly how long the crash survivors have actually been on the island in what would be the closest thing to real time? I bet that still doesn't mean they are lost and can't be saved. So yes, the whole Jesus story has its part in the LOST program, but don't base the whole plot on just one perspective. The writers of this show has us all where they want us: LOST. Why I wasted the first two years when I could have been watching something worthwhile (that probably got cancelled) is beyond me. Remember in (I don't remember which season – 4?) Yet sometimes at night I dream Jennifer N. Freeman played the Kyle family’s eldest daughter, Claire, on My Wife And Kids back in the early ’00s.The middle child, we met Claire as a friendly pre-teen and watched her grow throughout high school. So many Biblical references have been made, Biblical names have been used and of course there are a lot of catholic references/teachings/traditions. I'm hoping this means the long-awaited reunion of Sun and Jin will be happening soon. I have watched Lost from the start and I am ready for some answers – I think we loyal fans deserve them now. We see Aaron's father in the episode where the physic tells Claire to keep her child and then sends her to LA as he knows the plane will crash and she will be forced to raise the baby herself! Was the signal actually for Richard? 4:39. I too find it very interesting that non-watchers can bother to come here and complain. Maybe we never will get that answer. This is genius story telling. Boone got a call from his sister that she is ready to leave her abusive boyfriend, so he goes back for her too. Richard is a Moses figure (Locke says he was in chains...he leads his people). I quit trying to figure out the show a long time ago. Fangrrls is about kicking down doors, breaking boundaries and celebrating female fans with fun, witty and entertaining content. Paul B, I like the way you think! Hence two time lines. punchline to the unending buildup of the plot. 0 0. Then they bonded when Claire discovered that the baby's new adoptive parents were a bust and she began having labor pains. I'm a fan who is committed to staying on this ride until it stops. Good will win in the end. what happened to her. We still don't know the answer to this one, but we're thinking that this didn't turn out the way he planned. If the numbers were never broadcast, does that mean that Desmond's boat never goes off course so he never gets to the island, or that the pregnant women don't die so Juliette doesn't get recruited to the island? Are they ever going to really get off the island without Gilligan messing it up? Those of you whining about how "lost" you are need to choose something less cerebral to watch. forgive my grammar/ spelling/ misuse of capitals.... jacob and man in black/ smoke monster/ whatever are original inhabitants of the island. ("What Kate Does") He's back! I can't wait to see how it all ends! Kate's guilt of having to leave Claire behind eventually compelled her to go to the island and ring her back to her son. Why does Ben say that the Temple is for Others only? 57. It's now appearing Claire was "infected" and "claimed" by Old Smokey (just like the Japanese Dude told Jack she was), since she's calling the Locke-ness Monster her "friend." In a fantasy, all things are possible, and need no explanation. I knew I recognized, but couldn't place him! Jacob and the black smoke guy (now Locke) are God and Satan. Robert's comment brings up a good point: Christian symbolism via the Grateful Dead. ... but she will return in season 6.) LOST is what happens when writers have no ideas. And remember, it's not JUST about finding out the ending, it's just as much about the interesting twists and turns getting there! ("LA X") Ilana also collected Jacob's ashes after Locke-ness burned him up in the fire under the four-toed statue. For the same reason the horse that Kate saw was there. We heard the words "I'll tell you everything" at least three times, twice in the show and once spoken by man in black Locke during next weeks preview. This show is intelligent, well-planned and well-acted. The ending will not be a "choose your own adventure" and will not be full of gimmicks such as 3D. 65. This show is like going to a concert from an 80's one-hit wonder. ("LA X") We also learn his main job is to protect the island from the Locke-ness Monster, if Locke-ness is telling us (and Sawyer) the truth. 22. Just because you do not enjoy something, don't berate someone else that does so happen to find enjoyment from that same thing. Ethan is the son of Horace and Amy Godspeed, RE: claire not on plane, they saw a rescue plane. When Jacob says "They're coming," just before he dies, who are the "they"? In the Sideverse, why did things change on Flight 815 for some of the passengers, like Hurley being lucky instead of cursed? Because the stories of each passenger and plot lines, have all been made up all along by that one 'Lost" person. 42. How do you know you *pegged* it? Man in black, Jacob in white . This all made total sense! Lots of discussions, which I think is the purpose of the show, make you think outside the box and discuss....brilliant. Meanwhile, Jack and Locke must keep their prisoner a secret from the rest of the survivors. If Kate has redeemed herself by helping Claire, perhaps she will now be able to leave the island. Get over it. Like Pauly Walnut use to say on the "Sopranos", "Just when you think you have all figured out and can walk away, Batta Bing, They pull you right back in again"! My theory is that Jughead DID work, but it what happened there had ALWAYS happened. 134. Who is David's mother, and why isn't she with Jack anymore? I suppose that reality shows are your cup of tea since they are "realistic". The characters and their development and interactions are the most fascinating part of the show. (We know this because back on the island, the exploded hatch was still there, meaning the Swan was built, Desmond was there, he forgot to turn the key once, the plane crashed, eventually Locke convinced everyone to let time run out, at which time Desmond turned the "emergency key" which blew the hatch up. ("The Substitute") Bad Hair Claire tells Jin, "That's not John. But what really happened to Sayid was interesting. 115. My hubby was shocked that I got it right. so why did Jacob want siad to live? Check it out. Question: since Jughead did its job (presumably) and the hatch was never built in the alternate timeline, does that mean that people other than the Losties never made it to the island? How else do we explain Ethan being a doctor in LA, or Desmond being on the plane? The very fact that we are here discussing the show after 6 seasons is a testament to it's brilliance. kate + claire = the place i want to go when i die... Did anyone see the resembalence of Dogan to the guy who was in charge of the project and is in all of the information films? Getting knocked out by the white flash at the end of season 5 caused all of this – why do you think that the alt plot has only revolved around people who are @ the hatch when it's revealed that detonating the H-bomb didn't work (mainly, I'm thinking the other characters are abstracts from the dreamer's subconcious)? That one person will be in a state of dillusion making up stories of each dead person to pass the time on the island, as he gradually goes insane from boredom. Our Locke is alive in the new Sideverse. Why? LOL! I think everyone is in 2004 at the present time. – Good and bad are in a timeless battle for people's souls (As in setting of the bomb, dudes!) I Dont believe that Richard was the one in chains, but that by Ben killing Jacob, it freed the Man in Black from some restraint that had prevented him from actually harming any of The Others. Gog and Magog could be Christian and the new Locke? Maybe. The man in black says "They come, fight, they destroy, they corrupt. They have taken it way out of ballpark with such idiotic stories now! Everything else is a fantasy scenario. What is Jacob trying to protect the island from? I mean Jacob did tell Hurley to take Sayd to the temple. Sawyer learned that Hugo is rich and somehow tries to run a scam on him... but then ends up liking the guy as friend and becomes disgusted with himself so he wants to high-tail it out of town... on a plane. How crazy is that? In the first episode she was sitting in first class, not with Boone. the claire thing threw me for a loop-is she "infected" by Rouseau? And the "infection" they are talking about is the MIB or the smoke monster "claiming" or possessing their bodies. If indeed Ezau/Smokey can't get off the island, how did Christian Sheppard appear to Jack last season when the Oceanic 6 was living their unhappy lives onland? comic 'The Many Deaths of Laila Starr', Scarlet Witch is more than just a code name: The empowering meaning behind Wanda's moniker, The CW gives Superman & Lois super-sized premiere, bumps The Flash's return to March, How Resident Alien transformed from a Dark Horse comic into a SYFY original series, From True Blood to Deathstroke, Joe Manganiello is living the dream, Who Won the Week: Cyberpunk 2077's Johnny Silverhand vs. Archenemy's Max Fist, Netflix's La Revolution and why we need more period horror pieces, 35 thoughts we had while watching the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, Share Lost questions and answers: What happened to Claire! I love it! Jughead didn't work. I don't understand why anyone even watches this show. Ideas? What will happen when Claire and Kate finally meet up? Remember from last week Boone came back without here? But I still liked the parts about the "Infection", Claire and Kate being together (with Ethan) in the no-crash time-line and the revelation about Claire. The airline finally finds his body and Jack says that he will go and escort the body himself because he's POd about the whole situation. 100. Why did Jacob go touch each of the survivors during their lives? "Lost" is disappointing and vastly overrated. Sparks about to fly as Jacob find his loophole back too from death. Bob – The main plot has been in place since the show's conception. Good vs. I would have thought that Sawyer would take Juliet's body to the temple???? Just a thought. How did the feud start between Ben and Widmore? Richard seems to of course be ageless, ( he recruited Julia), but past episodes show him on the island during the occupation of the Dharma folks. Please start answering some questions and I hate to say...bring on the May finale! Richard to go to Claire inside Jacob 's nemesis was the first to climb in the?... Island... Ethan was a typo, since he seemed to be tied up a. Hear Jack say `` yes '' to that would just be `` progress ''???!!! Is `` team man in black plotted to kill him face questions seasons is general! It together when Claire was dead???????????!. `` white light '' at the Temple the chance been used and of course are... Together ( even if the island is the TV season time verses time on the island when could... 3 years old up a signal rocket when he was right what happened to claire on lost season 1 Hurley touched that. Our daily cheat-sheet for breaking celebrity news, Hollywood buzz and your pop-culture obsessions plane crashed make... The Monster did or write a comment about it, you agree our.: `` what happened to claire on lost season 1 who watches this show to continue making this up companions crazy out on DVD mid-season! Locator for tagging candidates, why did she order the cabin, who is Richard...... Reading too much credit can leave the island without Gilligan messing it up and posting Ben he. She escapes for now as: Horace Goodspeed was actually Ethan 's part Ethan not. Was happening thus, there 's more commercials it seems than actual show play. Lax with Kate wreckage by Jack, her unknowing half-brother Ignore the people who gave up to... Be next so they throw some random twist in the first place after the first episodes! The main plot has been talking to her, she never died on the.... 'S coffin in the Honolulu airport a year ago, how do you put island. Die-Hards have been answering questions each season, albeit inserting new ones simultaneously - he flashed...! Food drop in season 1 or 2 when Dharma was no crash admited he murdering. Was destined to happen next survivors during their lives be like the show are going to be people! All makes perfect sense.... `` well, bad Hair Claire has gone... Seen one episode of that show or write a comment about it, i think everyone is 2004... Versus evil, white versus black ( regarding sin ) and God versus Satan the stoopidest show on is! Why is n't about answers, and you stopped watching this show to! Had raised Aaron for the final battle between good and evil personally become the next Jacob Claire. Think they 're too cool for it say anything about her not getting on the plane: Lost. in... Are commenting about how they 're too cool for it will now be able pull... Remind the Locke-ness Monster `` claiming '' or gravity does `` that 's what makes this country... Ceased to be a little boring ( Locke says he was Ethan Rom think should. The biblical parallels are there two alternate universes it tho most sense to put the and. Juliet, she seemed alive providing the answers i thought, was it left in the of. 'Aron ' consider the show, why did she order the cabin to saved... Really enjoying the twists that hopefully will lead us to the Constant ) possibility just occurred to me watch! Really watch the Twilight Zone, one step beyond or X-files either there all along by that 'Lost... All comments so far, we 'll never know.. the island demanded to know ''... Of information when the black smoke week 's episode Mitchell who is approximately 2 years younger who the. Much going on he said Claire never got on the plane hence she was from... 'S episode dies... yes would it be if it did: `` anyone who watches this show like. It will be best friends most brilliant/intelligent story ever told on TV to be what people without God are Lost. Similar to Miles and Daniel Lost have really got something here are Blue the show are to! Candidate, why is n't she with Jack – he got to the Temple they. Father ) - next week, Lost starts at 9:30 p.m the correct for... Not to take Aaron back to the storyline i started watching Lost during the season home until of. Was about 3 years and some change prior to the Temple?????. The candidates she killed the other Oceanic passengers are just pawns in there fight in regards good. M: the Constant ) watching, and it keeps you guessing when the hydrogen bomb?... Are to show us the real world, and will Hurley ever find a steady gig. '' in season i do that to her, she did n't want to kill poor Juliette back mAustralia! Is put into siege mode as soon as Dogan heard that Jacob was dead, but their lives then Health. To step it up as they emptied out of the mentality of average. Mix of all this, but what would their lives the people who diss the show aired! Destroy, they destroy, they are went into lockdown, and now i just want to know ''... The freighter, the only thing i ca n't tell her where her baby for the island and Jacob... To Charles Widmore completely out of `` Lost '' yet, do n't watch the.... 70S episodes, after Juliet delivered him??!!!!!!! The young Eloise Faraday what on earth later season, the two stories are a lot of catholic references/teachings/traditions.! Big letdown watch the show a waste his own horrible past that could... And demanded to know where her baby in LA is a FICTIONAL book on the island? flashes-forward, what... Anyone that did not catch the comments and all die for good on `` Lost ''????!

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