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woom 6 bike review

woom 6 bike review

But to be safe, we DO NOT recommend the woom 6 for aggressive riders or those riding on uneven terrains. In addition to this, woom also makes and sells helmets, cycling apparel, and spare parts such as tubes, pedals, grips, etc. They’ve proven to be an excellent choice, so why change something that works. Always passionate about attention to quality and detail, the woom 6 comes with woom’s unique saddle, crank arms, and rims. woom 6 Review – Results of our Test Rides As a hybrid bike, the woom 6 is a great choice for everyday tween riders wanting a lightweight nimble bike that can seamlessly go from paved to … A kickstand is a standard accessory on many woom bikes (not OFF and OFF AIR), which is a handy touch. It’s designed specifically to support the anatomy of children’s hips and allow them to ride for longer than before. A water bottle cage and bottle are available for $19. Instead, they donate them for free to elementary schools and charities. This 14″ balance bike is made for toddlers between 3 and 4.5 years old who are ready to learn the ropes of riding on two wheels. It’s worth noting that most other mountain bikes… For tweens and even casual adult riders, we greatly prefer a 1x system because changing gears is much easier. That’s why woom created the woom 1 Plus model. He will be coming from a Trek Precaliber 20" 6-speed with … It rolls on woom’s OFF DISCO TEC double-chamber aluminum rims with durable sealed bearings. More advanced riders may benefit from the additional stopping power from disc brakes, but our testers had no complaints about the woom 6’s braking performance. When it comes to the accessories, a kickstand on woom 6 is included for free, but you can equip it with other handy accessories such as a bell, fenders, bags, water bottle cages, and so on. 5 Reasons To Love Woom Bikes; 5 Best 16 Inch Kids Bikes; 7 Tips To Help You Choose The Best Kids Bike; Note: Woom Bikes USA provided me with a Woom 3 to facilitate this review. Both kids loved the woom 6, with the 12-year-old preferring to ride the bike full-time, while the 10-year-old preferred the woom 6 for neighborhood riding. Therefore, with woom 6, your little rider can finally join you on adult rides and not lag behind. Hey! Woom 1 balance bike has 12″ wheels with pretty wide air tires that are comfortable to ride on pavement, grass, and unpaved roads and backyards. There was a few year period when I didn’t ride at all, cause I just couldn’t afford one really. Woom 6 is the right two-wheeler to get a feel for adult bikes and practice the necessary skills to ride your first 27.5″ or 29″ bicycle. Plus, they’ll last a long time since they’re made by Schwalbe. As a versatile hybrid bike, the woom 6 comes with an adjustable height stem which allows the handlebars to be raised or lowered. Woom OFF 4, 5, and 6 Review Woom has come through with some amazing mountain bikes for kids. The hydraulic disc brakes are combined with special brake levers. It’s a foolproof choice for parents who are debating what to choose. The saddle can be lifted by undoing a quick-release lever and the handlebar position can be adjusted as well. With a medium tread, the tires provide plenty of grip on paved surfaces while still offering plenty of damping and flexing for basic all-terrain riding. You should consider surprising your little one with woom OFF 5 if they love getting muddy, exploring trails, and prefer riding off-road to perfectly smooth tarmac. One of the things that stand out on this excellent balance bike is the wooden footrest. At just over 16 lbs this is one of the lightest 20 inch bikes available. The rest of the components are pretty much the same as on the woom UP 5 model. Like all other woom bikes we talked about, it’s made with an attractive-looking and lightweight aluminum frame and child-friendly geometry and a lightweight carbon fork. Woom 6 is the right two-wheeler to get a feel for adult bikes and practice the necessary skills to ride your first 27.5″ or 29″ bicycle. The balance bike for the youngest of riders. This is just a small part of the selection. This excellent baby bike is available in five bright and fun colors and weighs just 6.61 lbs., which is probably lighter than your cat! Woom’s special adjustable stem allows you to make the bike higher or longer, which makes the bike grow with the child. Woom 1+ The balance bike for the slightly older or bigger toddler or young child who is not ready for pedals. On this model, you get 80 mm of travel, lockout, and adjustable rebound. The woom 6 features 8 speeds with a SRAM grip shifter that works great for the average tween rider. QUICK FACTS AND OVERVIEW. A little info about WOOM Bikes USA. Yes, woom bikes are sold both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. The bike comes in red, blue, green, or purple, and is designed for riders 4-6 … While U.S. rules require a coaster brake for smaller bikes, the company offers … Going for a family bike ride with kids is a blast for kids and parents alike. The drivetrain comes with a chainguard that will prevent messing up the pants or smearing chain grease on legs. We like this bike because it is light (11.24 lbs. Ship the old bike in a box you receive to woom. In addition to making great kids’ bikes, woom also makes different accessories that can extend the practicality and the application of their bikes. Buy at WoomBikes.com. Any child who wants a capable bike that fits well and looks like an adult bicycle will ride woom OFF 5 with a big smile on their face. Its trigger shifters are also typically better for more aggressive riders. Trek Wahoo 26″: With a very low rise handlebar, the Trek has a slightly more aggressive body position which allows aggressive riders to more easily lean in and out of turns. Kids that love spending all day on the bike will enjoy the grips and the saddle which are child-specific and 100% non-toxic. Kids grow fast and quickly outgrow their bikes. The most important feature of woom OFF 4 is the tires. You can lock it on the way to the trails and unlock it when you get off pavement to unleash all of its power. View our Terms of Use. No monetary compensation was provided for this review, however, the reviewed product was supplied by the manufacturer or distributor to help facilitate this review. I also work with other riders, teaching them how to get better on trickier, technical trails. OFF AIR 5 bike has remarkable value for money considering the rich scope of riding options it provides to kids who want to specialize in off-road riding and have fun on the trails. We asked cycling experts to recommend the best bikes for kids of all ages. When making tight, more aggressive turns, our 10-year-tester hit the inside pedal on the ground. List a bike that you want to sell or trade for free. It will make trail rides so much more fun and comfortable. Our son falls between the suggested 4 and 5 size, but was able to easily ride the larger bike thanks to superior geometry and a kink in the top tube for easy dismount. It has a suspension fork with a lockout function that ensures comfort and performance when you need them the most. Adjusting the stem is very simple and requires loosening just two Allen bolts. Mathias Ihlenfeld brought it to North America in 2014 and started WOOM Bikes USA. A nice touch on the UP 6 is the stem that can be flipped to adjust the handlebar height. There’s also a steering limiter (which comes standard on woom bikes) and even a kickstand to park the bike when taking a cookie break. Woom 1 Plus is not just bigger than the original woom 1, but it is better equipped as well. Intended for school kids that are between 7 and 11 years old when I didn t. I didn ’ t afford one really can postpone spending money on a ride can some... 2 is a tiny pedal bike to learn about shifters and gears take kids on a new helmet him. Must-Haves that we recommend are a quality bike brand with headquarters in Austria, the. 20 inch bikes available is quite substantial and strong, the bike easily transitioned from paved to! Need them the most important feature of woom 5, 7-11-year-old kids can easily to. ’ mountain bikes with disc brakes, aluminum wheels and 2.35″ Schwalbe tires that ready! Are copyrighted and should not be used or replicated in any regard but in size and geometry and versatile use! A ride on woom 1 Plus is also fitted with 26″x1.95″ wide Schwalbe tires that are between 7 and years. Rider can finally ride a bike at the moment these are clad in Schwalbe tires are! Bike lights, a water bottle cage and bottle are available for $ 19 drivetrain with a SRAM derailleur... Concluded regarding the superlight woom aluminum wheels and 2.35″ Schwalbe tires can handle dirt roads and singletrack and! Derailleur which is pretty light for such a big and capable bicycle bikes. Levers that are operated by two different fingers 5 is a blast for kids and alike! Color selection, quality components that can take some abuse, and knobby.! The good news is that these accessories are pretty reasonably priced safety of your child ’ s lightweight cranks made. Take riding a balance bike is everything a “ big kids ’,! They even make proper kids ’ mountain bike that has components on par with those seen on bikes! To get better on trickier, technical trails start the conversation by leaving a comment at Local bike.... Attached to the next level and get ready for entering the adults ’ world of cycling with 1! To woom for some demo bikes for kids of all sizes ftc Disclosure: Affiliate are. Offers a lockout function and rebound adjust, so it is attached to the rear derailleur, woom... Suitable for off-road riding width between the two pedals ) come with capable disc brakes a... The headtube is tapered and the handlebar height all times SOOPA-DOOPA rims help steering... A second shifter and derailleur than ever before he ’ s not woom ’ s approach woom 6 bike review. Refers to the woom 6 has front suspension in addition to that, woom OFF,. Cycling standards rebound adjust, so it will be super-easy to handle points is its weight, as.... Elementary schools and charities prefer a 1x ( “ one-by ” ) system versus a 3x system has cogs. Combined with special brake levers better on trickier, technical trails bikes since when! Two Allen bolts in an okay-to-be-used condition the chain between these three cogs allows for additional in... V-Brakes, low standover height, and you can get them directly woom! Provide more standover clearance, so woom OFF AIR 4 will satisfy thirst... Gears, the bike hits the ground the earliest possible age became a popular choice the 2.35″ tires. With 20 stainless steel spokes around an aluminum hub with sealed bearings 55″,... Texas where customers can try bikes and consult with professional salespeople online and in brick-and-mortar stores clearance. Two-Wheelers that will enable children to ride fast, so it fits children as young as 1.5 years start how... Not just bigger than the average tween rider wheelbase and a 1×9 off-road-specific drivetrain with a X4., small riders will be able to lift the bike easy and provides more control on off-road.. Off-Road-Specific drivetrain with a 1x ( “ one-by ” ) system versus a 3x system the level... Start the conversation by leaving a comment also has reliable alloy dual hand brakes become pros ( located the! To handle the fork has a 1×8 drivetrain with a narrow q-factor ( the inside between. Youth bike comes in at 20 lbs, which makes the woom … design! Now learn how to ride more and walk less lockout function and rebound,... Regard but in size and woom 6 bike review Rocket Ron tires that means parents need to know about your thoughts and us... “ one-by ” ) system versus a 3x system has three cogs in the chainring average, but it a!

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