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kid vs kat villains wiki

kid vs kat villains wiki

https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Kat_Kommander?oldid=3951940, For example, in the Season 2 premiere episode. Alien operative He is sometimes seen wearing just a red cape instead of his common cape. Kat commonly and always uses this to show off how angry he is and how much rage he is feeling. Kat used this ability on countless occasions, usually to break into a building, or even to break out of something. They decide to take their kids to a mysterious mansion, where they will be killed off by a group of monsters in training. Biography. Powers/Skills To add an image to this category, put [[Category:Images]] in that image article. He was sent to earth mainly to gather Fishy Frisky Bits for his home planet, however he has also planned to take over the world. Candy Chance (Francesca Eastwood) is a minor villainess in the 2015 comedy horror film "Kids vs Monsters". Just like the cats on earth, he hates water and baths. Kid vs Kat/Cars Kid vs Kat/Thomas Kid vs Kat/TUGS Kid vs Kat/Finding Nemo Kid vs Kat/Finding Dory Kid vs Kat/Fanboy & Chum Chum Kid vs Kat/Adventure Time Kid vs Kat/Toy Story Kid vs Kat/Mario Kid vs Kat/Sonic Kid vs Kat/Sidekick Kid vs Kat/Batman Kid vs Kat/The Jungle Book Kid vs Kat/Tom and Jerry Kid vs Kat/Doraemon Kid vs Kat/Zip Zip Kid vs Kat/Powerpuff Girls Kid vs Kat/Star vs… I went online to go to the Kid vs Kat site and saw that the episode list was showing Season 3, but all they showed was a part one and two lost episode that seemed to be cut from the series. He was sent down to Earth to collect a brand of cat food called Fishy Frisky Bits and give his companions a chance to take over Earth, because his planet is so polluted that its inhabitants need to colonize a new one. Evil-doer He was forced to compromise though, when his daughter threw a tantrum, deciding that she could keep Kat if and only if they couldn't find it's owner. This is because the acts that most kids villains commit are not as atrocious as the ones committed by adult villains, meaning that it is rare for them to be Pure Evil. Kat is also shown to put on weight very quickly whenever he consumes food with fattening properties. Type of Villain Christmas Special 6. Kid vs. Kat Kid vs. Kat Created byRob Boutilier Directed by Rob Boutilier Josh Mepham Greg Sullivan Voices of Erin Mathews Kathleen Barr Trevor Devall Music byHal Beckett Country of originCanada Original languageEnglish No. Mister Kat or Mr. Kat (or known as Kat and Agent 27B) is the titular main antagonist of the show Kid Vs.Kat.He's Coop's archenemy and the employee of Kat Kommander and Millie's pet.. He has a great hate towards other races (especially humans) because he thinks they are lower than kats like many other races. Kid vs. Kat Possible the same as Mr. Kat: Heat/laser vision, body expansion, claw attacks, body acid, To make sure of Mr. Kat complete his mission on Planet Earth. The following is a list of episodes for the YTV animated series, Kid vs. Kat that ran from October 25, 2008, to June 4, 2011. He has a cybernetic body and numerous superpowers, such as steel claws, heat ray, heat emanation, heat vision, intelligence, acid spit, claw blades, steel fangs, pulse manipulation, extendable tail, mold, x-ray vision, super strength, defy gravity, invulnerability, and super speed. Goals Curse of Tutankitty's Tomb / Pet Peeved 10. Magyarországon a Disney Channel vetítette 2009-2011 között. He first appeared in the episode "Fat Kat", where he ordered to Mr. Kat to collect enough Fishy Frisky Bits to send it via rocket to Catnip. However, the plan was foiled due to Mr. Kat obsession in eating human food and Coop helping Mr. Kat to eat more. Kid vs. Kat of episodes52 Production Executive producers Blair Peters Chris Bartleman Producers Jamie Turner Chantal Hennessey Production companyStudio B Productions DistributorWorldwide Decode Enterprises Europe/Middle East Jet… Probably the latter because he has been shown to do this indoors. Later, he is seen again in "Under Destruction", where he appeared when Coop used one of Mr. Kat's devices. A Kid vs. Kat egy kanadai rajzfilmsorozat. In addition, Kat also uses his acid spit to attack Coop and in his experiments in "Planter's Warp". When ten-year old Coop Burtonburger’s spoiled little sister Millie brings home a mysterious stray cat, his idyllic life is turned upside down. He is far worse than the original Mr. Kat, as he enslaved the entire human race and apparently … Kid vs. Kat a Canadian animated television series developed and produced at Studio B Productions. Shapeshifting: One advantage that Kat uses all the time is that he doesn't have any hard parts in his entire body at all, just muscle, and the power to change into any shape or form without injuring himself. Kid vs. Kat is a Canadian animated television series that originally aired on YTV in Canada from October 25, 2008, to June 4, 2011. Alias Kid vs. Kat, Kanada yapımı bir animasyon televizyon dizisidir. The Technology of Mr. Cheeks' home-planet is Quite Advanced and is able to Compete with Kat's. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He has also survived very many burns and shocks that would put a human in the hospital! Kat's physical appearance can be likened to that of the hairless Sphinx cat. Cheeks The series was created and co-directed by Rob Boutilier, developed and produced at Studio B Productions, in association with YTV and Jetix Europe for its first season and Disney XD Europe for its second season. Occupation Studio B Productions ve Decode Entertainment üretici, geliştirici ve dağıtıcı şirketidir. of seasons2 No. He is the younger brother of Jeffrey Ridgway Jr. and the youngest son of Psycho Dad and Theresa Ridgway. … Pulse Manipulation: The power to make a pulse, even though he hasn't got one; it is unknown how he is able to do this, but it's probably thanks to one of the machines he has inside his body. In "Nip/Duck", Kat is shown to have a machine inside his throat, so his acid saliva probably comes from that device. CombatAcidic spitErgokinesisIntellectSharp teeth and clawsExtendable tailShapeshiftingX-Ray visionSuperhuman strengthSuperhuman durabilityMutating bloodAbility to walk on waterMechanical engineering Kat's Girlfriend [edit | edit source]. Full Name He was sent down to Earth to collect a brand of cat food … He always finds time to fight villains. I have seen Kid vs Kat, yes, but something about that show's final episode, The Kat Went Back, made me look at it differently. Kat or Agent 27B is an alien of a planet called Kat Nebula, home of an entire race of sapient felines and the main villain of Kid vs. Kat. Indestructible Claws: Kat has almost indestructible claws that can break just about any material. Wikis. Kid vs. Kat is a 2009 video game based on the animated series of the same name, it was developed by the Blue Tongue, WayForward Technologies and AWE Games and published by Activision and THQ.The game was first released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii on Januray 31, 2009, released for the PlayStation Portable and the Nintendo DS on May 5, 2009 … Director Corai von Unki II, Sir Corai, or jsut Corai is the Director of the Universal Security Shed. https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Mr._Kat?oldid=4123937. Dipper as Coop Burtonburger Mabel as Millie Burtonburger Zim (from Invader Zim) asKat TallestRed (from Invader Zim)asKat Kommander Li'l Gideon asMr. One obvious hint of this power is that Kat's tail is mostly curled up during the show; this proves it has the ability to extend outward. He is also a knight in the universe, despite his full time job in the Universal Secuirty Shack. Heat Emanation: The power to produce heat from his claws. The Gist of It: Coop Burtonburger is Mr. Kat… CommandingInvading planetsEating Fishy Frisky Bits Unlike Kat (who resembles a somewhat "ugly" version of a Earth cat) the Kat Kommander seems to stand on two legs in a humanoid posture and wears a ceremonial cape skin to those often found in old "pulp" style sci-fi shows such as Flash Gordon (which likely is intentional). Full Name Unknown Let the Games Begin / Night of the Zombie Cat 2. Kat Kommander ordered to Mr. Kat to return his son to Catnip which he later did with the help of Coop. Kat also seems to dislike extremely reckless chaos though this purely down to not wishing to be discovered, this is most prominent in his confrontations with Mr. Kitten - his rebellious teen son. He is the supreme ruler of Catnip, the homeworld of Mr. Kat, as such he is a supreme dictator who demands great respect and loyalty from his many subjects. IncriminationAttempted murderBrainwashingVandalism. Top 10: 1. Mr. KatAgent 27B Template:Kid vs. Kat He was voiced by Kathleen Barr.. He gets the blame for everything Kat ruins in the house. Invulnerability: Kat can take punishment which could seriously injure if not kill a normal cat let alone a human with considerably less damage. Trespassers Will Be Persecuted / Oh Me-Oh Meow 4. In "Blasteroid Blues", he r… It is unknown why Kat's blood can mutate creatures but is probably due to the fact that Kat is part cyborg so his blood probably has a mutating agent inside it (like toxic waste). He calls it a 'Quantum Micro Event Horizon' or in Laymen's Terms: A Baby Black Hole Maker. Kat extremely hates Coop, who usually foils his plans. Collecting Fishy Frisky Bits.Battling Coop.Framing Coop. Powers/Skills At first when Millie asked her father if they could adopt the strange-looking animal (supposedly a cat), Burt turned her down, stating that it had a collar on and therefore probably had an owner. Coop Kat Bert Burtonburger Millie Dennis Old Lady Munson Phoebe Henry In "Rhymes with Coop", Kat Kommander had a problem in Catnip due to a "over-loading" and ordered to Mr. Kat to turn the beach of Bootsville into a giant litter box. Serialul este creat și co-regizat de Rob Boutilier. Acid Spit: Can spit acid, in the form of a hairball, to burn though anything. This proves that he is indeed part cyborg. Occupation Mister Kat or Mr. Kat (or known as Kat and Agent 27B) is the titular main antagonist of the show Kid Vs. Kat. He is a cat-like alien from a distant planet called Catnip and his species are called Katnipians. Evil-doer Category:Villains | Kid vs. Kat Wiki | Fandom. Scared for this, Kat Kommander tried to use a big laser to destroy a mart, confusing it with Captain Blasteroid's base, but once again his plan was stopped. Extensible Tail: The power to extend his tail to any length and manipulate it like another limb. Crimes These are people who generally want to cause Dan harm, rather than those who inadvertently get involved in Dan's schemes. He is a cat-like alien from a distant planet called Catnip and his species are called Katnipians. It is unknown why Kat can walk on the ceiling; it is probably due to his razor sharp claws or it could be he just has the ability to do this. He tries to stay out of trouble, but is often humiliated and injured when trying to prove Kat's true identity. Defying Gravity: Kat has the ability to defy gravity and walk on the ceiling; this is seen in a couple of episodes, usually while Coop and Kat are alone (otherwise people would get suspicious that a cat is walking on the ceiling). As seen in "Class Act", he uses it to gain access to the vet at night. Tyrannical Alien He is cruel to those he sees as below himself and is especially prone to bullying Kat via holographic displays, usually due to what he sees as Mr. Kat's many "failures". Titanium Fangs: Kat possesses five rows of razor-sharp serrated fangs made out of titanium that can break through most Earth metals and even the toughest material in the universe, dura-steel; one example is when he bent the hockey net Coop was guarding during "Play N'Ice". Acțiunea filmului se centrează pe lupta dintre un băiat de 10 ani și pisica surorii sale, care în realitate este un extraterestru. Kid vs. Kat is a Canadian animated television series that originally aired on YTV in Canada from 2008-10-25, to 2011-06-04. Kat instantly declares war on Coop--to the death; the two fight constantly as Coop tries to stop the Kat and tell the world about his possible plans, only to find Kat destroying … He is the boss of Mr. Kat and who sent him to earth to conquer it, he's even Coop's second archenemy next to Kat. Mister Pussy-Wussums by Buck Diamond in Bootsville's Most Wanted Bootsville's Most Wanted in Mrs. Munson by Millie's funny-lookin' cat In "Rebel with a Claw", is revealed that Kat Kommander has a son who escaped from Catnip to Planet Earth. Kat, also known as Mr. Kat, is the main antagonist of the Canadian animated series, Kid vs Kat. In the film, a group of rich parents are fed up with their entitled and spoiled offspring. Kid vs Kat (română Copil vs. pisică) este un serial de animație canadian creat de Studio B Productions, Decode Entertainment pentru Jetix Europa și YTV. No information In "Tickled Pink", he finds out that Mr. Kat is more interesed in being tickled by Millie than doing his job.

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